Job Description:

We are currently seeking several skilled and experienced freelance financial writers to join our team in crafting sponsored advertising content for a leading financial media publisher. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector, covering topics such as ETFs, mining, biotech, crypto, crowdfunding, startups, and technology. This role sits squarely in the intersection between advertising and financial journalism and requires the ability to operate successfully within this realm.


1. Content Creation: Produce high-quality sponsored advertising content that aligns with client messaging and resonates with our target audience.

2. Market Analysis: Utilize your background in financial media to analyze and interpret financial reports, incorporating macro and micro trends to tell compelling stories.

3. Compliance Guidelines: Ensure all content adheres to compliance guidelines, demonstrating a strong understanding of regulatory requirements within the financial industry.

4. Sector Expertise: Demonstrate expertise in various sectors, including but not limited to ETFs, mining, biotech, crypto, crowdfunding, startups, and technology.

5. Writing Volume: Manage a variable workload, with the ability to deliver 1 to 10 stories per week based on the volume of work and individual bandwidth.


1. Prior Experience: Proven experience working or writing in financial media, with a portfolio of relevant work.

2. Investment Background: Active investor or retail trader with a background in writing or journalism.

3. Financial Literacy: Ability to read and understand financial reports and translate complex information into accessible, objective analysis.

4. Storytelling Skills: Skillful in weaving macro and micro trends into engaging narratives.

5. Compliance Knowledge: Familiarity with writing for compliance guidelines in the financial sector.

6. Sector Expertise: Expertise in ETFs, mining, biotech, crypto, crowdfunding, startups, and technology.

7. Portfolio: Applicants should be prepared to provide writing samples and undergo a brief writing test.


We welcome applications from candidates for whom some, but not all, of the listed requirements apply. We believe in the value of diverse perspectives and experiences, and we encourage individuals with unique insights to apply. If you are passionate about finance, possess excellent writing skills, and meet some of the qualifications outlined, we look forward to considering your application. Please submit your resume, writing samples, and a brief cover letter outlining your relevant experience and interest in the position.