Overall goals/vision:

  • Establish a robust human resources process and department at Benzinga. Help make Benzinga one of the best places to work through a focus on our most important resource: the team of Zingers.

Day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Identify areas of opportunity to improve Benzinga’s current HR process and implement organizational-level change.
  • Monitor the morale and mental health of teammates and establish process which motivates and empowers team members.
  • Create process which facilitates effective recruiting and employee retention.
  • Build and maintain meaningful reward/recognition and disciplinary models for the team.
  • Oversee Benzinga’s HR program, including compensation, benefits, leave, employee reviews and surveys, and disputes and investigations.

Metrics for success:

  • Team compliance with HR program
  • Favorable employee opinion of Benzinga (over 80% satisfaction)
  • New hires
  • Regular monitoring of recruiting process
  • Number of HR opportunities/complaints handled
  • Number of HR systems/processes automated