Position: Benzinga Pro Reporter

Position Type: Full Time

Location: Remote, Detroit, MI

High Level:

Report for the Benzinga Pro Newsdesk

Add context and perspective to relevant news items impacting stocks

Find news no one else knows how to find

Help Benzinga become the number one source for investing and wealth building


  1. Write breaking news headlines based on company press releases, social media chatter, analyst coverage, specific stock movements and outside news sources
  2. Monitor multiple outside newswires to gather news as fast as possible
  3. Write WIIM headlines and contribute to WIIM article generation
  4. Reach out to companies, investors, analysts, government agencies for original reporting


  1. A background in journalism, specifically with breaking news content, is highly encouraged
  2. Knowledge of financial markets, stock markets, global events, economic trends is highly encouraged
  3. Ability to work at break-neck pace for long stretches of time
  4. A hunger for seeking news
  5. Fast typing
  6. Familiarity with technology is highly encouraged