Overall goals/vision:

  • Benzinga Client Strategists work to maintain client relationships by ensuring all deliverables outlined in a contract are fulfilled and that the client remains in our ecosystem. This includes working with clients to strategize content at the deliverable level (example: written content, video content) as well as track progress of other deliverables with other departments with a high level goal of providing the best possible service in order to retain clients and prevent them from churning from our ecosystem.
  • Most clients are public companies or private companies within the finance space looking to reach Benzinga’s audience of retail investors, crypto investors and those looking for financial news and personal finance education and advice.
  • Client Strategists will serve as the primary point of agency contact for their clients. They also represent the client to department leadership, relaying communications between their client and relevant points of contact. Their job is to communicate both good and bad news to a client with tact and aplomb, answer questions and make certain they receive what they asked for as part of their contractual agreement.
  • It’s a challenging role requiring a careful balance between the client’s needs, wants and priorities, and the company’s bottom line. They play a crucial role in client retention as well as potentially bringing in new business as part of an existing client referral process.

Day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Determine strategic oversight and recommendations for day-to-day operations for clients
  • Communicating with clients, pitching ideas, looking for new opportunities to grow the relationship
  • Determines creative solutions to improve
  • Determine creative ways to find solutions for clients problems, creates/presents analysis of competitors or clients to help inform
  • Focuses on internal and external brand strategy to inform best practices
  • Working to ensure every deliverable outlined on a contract is fulfilled. This may look like:
  • Working to strategize, assign and share sponsored content, acting as the liaison between their clients, project managers and content creators.
  • Ensuring that advertising impressions are met with banner ads and other creatives.
  • Ensuring that clients have filled out onboarding forms and are actively participating in the process to fulfill content – this may include persistent follow-ups and biweekly or monthly calls.
  • Ensuring clients are scheduled and confirmed for events.
  • Other duties as needed.
  • Employees will be responsible for strategizing and pitching content to clients as well as the administrative duties required to track this content.


  • Employees will need to be able to work independently in a fast-paced environment and willing to hit the ground running from their first day.
  • Training will be provided, but the employee will be expected to communicate regularly with department heads and ask questions as needed to learn the ropes.
  • Ability to juggle 15-40 clients with 3 – 12 month contracts.
  • Experience with GSuite, Asana, Trello, AirTable and Slack preferred
  • Knowledge of financial markets and the needs of public companies when messaging to investors is preferred.
  • Skilled writing ability and knowledge of content management systems preferred.
  • Proven ability to work in a remote environment without micromanagement.
  • Other duties as needed or required.