Benzinga's mission is to be a part of every investment decision made - from an individual investor’s first brokerage account to global fund managers. As a tech-enabled financial media platform, Benzinga content is now read by more than 50M people every month, but we are not satisfied. That's where you come in!

Benzinga has grown by over 250% the last 2 years, more than doubled the size of its team & recently announced majority-ownership by Beringer Capital, a private equity firm specializing in the rapidly evolving media, marketing services, commerce, data and technology sectors.

Our team of more than 100 is leveling the playing field for individual investors and is in the midst of a period of significant growth across editorial, analytics and events operations.

If business building alongside founders and leaders excites you, this position is for you!


We are looking for someone who has successfully implemented paywalls and digital subscriptions at a digital publisher.

The Digital Subscription Manager will be responsible for both strategic and operational initiatives, serving as a thought partner across various functional and divisional aspects of the business. Benzinga has a well established footprint in digital subscriptions for active investors and is looking to expand its membership to a wider audience. This position will be growth-oriented and range from product development through implementation and marketing. Leadership in this position will start with individual subscription products but has the potential to scale across the organization.

What you'll do:

  • Strategize, develop, build and launch Benzinga's digital subscription products.
  • Understand business and technical requirements of product development and be able to effectively communicate with a wide range of internal stakeholders.
  • Develop and execute marketing strategies ranging from content development to multivariant testing.
  • Directly interact with our editorial leadership team and leadership team.
  • Make data driven decisions to support new initiatives and strategy development.

What you'll bring:

  • Deep expertise in digital subscriptions and paywall strategy.
  • An obsession with content and how it affects the lives of our readers.
  • Strong management experience and experience building inclusive teams for a high-growth, fast-paced organization.
  • Passion for's content and approach to audience and community.
  • A collaborative, detail-oriented work style.
  • Must be a master of traffic analytics tools like Google Analytics and