Make Your Mark at Benzinga

Are you ready to be at the forefront of financial technology and media? Benzinga is on the hunt for a dynamic Content Licensing Impact Maker (Sales Development Representative) passionate about transforming the world of financial information. With your expertise in selling cutting-edge APIs to brokerages and financial media powerhouses, you'll not just sell; you'll revolutionize access to financial data and insights. This role goes beyond the traditional—extending your influence to our electrifying live and digital events, making every interaction an opportunity to spark change.

Your Arena:

  • Trailblazing Lead Generation: Dive into the digital landscape to unearth and add a daily avalanche of new leads to our ever-growing ecosystem. Your mission is to expand our influence, one lead at a time.
  • Energized Sales Engagement: With your arsenal of calls and emails, you'll reach out to leads with the precision and determination of a tech-savvy explorer. Your follow-ups aren’t just touches; they're the beginning of long-term partnerships, setting the stage for our Sales Titans to dazzle.
  • Continuous Mastery & Growth: Align yourself with the wisdom of our Sales and Marketing gurus to master the art of influence and persuasion. Your journey will include immersive team huddles, sales stratagem enhancements, and relentless skill sharpening, all aimed at making you a beacon of knowledge and success.

Your Impact:

  • Sales Vanguard: Smash through sales targets with the finesse of a seasoned strategist, contributing your unique flair to our collective success. Your achievements will be the benchmarks of excellence, celebrated and built upon.
  • Development Milestones: Embark on a meticulously charted growth journey with clear 30/60/90-day milestones, each a stepping stone to your ultimate ascension as a Benzinga legend.

Your Launchpad:

  • Foundational Wisdom: A bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, Marketing, or a related discipline is a jewel in your crown, but your drive and passion are what truly set you apart.
  • Communication Mastery: Your ability to connect, persuade, and inspire is your superpower, paving the way for unforgettable interactions and groundbreaking deals.
  • Infinite Curiosity: A voracious appetite for learning, coupled with an insatiable curiosity about content licensing and financial innovation, makes you a relentless force in our quest for dominance.
  • Self-Driven Excellence: Your internal fire propels you to soar in a fast-paced, thrilling sales arena, where your autonomy fuels our collective journey forward.
  • Strategic Acumen: A foundational understanding of sales dynamics and customer enchantment strategies positions you as a pivotal player in our shared success story.
  • Benzinga Aficionado: Experience with our suite of products and services is your secret weapon, enhancing your ability to resonate with and captivate our audience.

Join Us & Transform the Financial Landscape

At Benzinga, every call you make, every lead you discover, and every strategy you deploy is an opportunity to shape the future of finance. Are you ready to be a part of something extraordinary?