Position: Voiceover/Broadcast Talent for Financial Media Outlet Content

Position Type: <Full Time, Contract, Part Time Available>

Location: <Detroit, MI, Remote Available in Some Cases>

High Level:

We are looking for fresh talent to join the Benzinga Shows department to plan, produce and host live programming on BenzingaTV. Additionally, you will be responsible for acting as on-camera talent reading scripts and conducting interviews with leadership of public and private companies and other individuals of note in order to create video content for sponsored content clients. Script reads and recordings range from brand awareness ad copy, news or press release recaps, lead generation ad copy and so forth.

Work Schedule:

Working Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM

Working Schedule Will Vary by Applicant, Preferred Scope of Work, Live Programming Content Schedule and Need

What you’ll be doing:

  1. Acting as on-air talent on BenzingaTV as well as acting as on-air talent in pre-recorded interviews and advertorial content for clients as needed.
  2. This may entail becoming the host and face of an individual show or appearing across several shows.
  3. Planning and strategizing content for shows and live productions.
  4. Working with leadership at public and private companies and their staff to schedule and plan live appearances.
  5. Working with other team members to plan, produce and execute live and pre-recorded productions.
  6. Other duties as needed or required.

Stuff you need to get this gig:

  1. Voice training, acting experience, broadcast experience – performance experience preferred.
  2. Must be comfortable in front of a camera.
  3. Conversational level knowledge of financial markets, public companies, and the needs of an audience of retail investors.
  4. Ability to plan and map out content for live and pre-recording content,
  5. Ability to communicate with producers and client/fulfillment managers
  6. Experience with content creation across a wide range of digital mediums.
  7. Ability to delegate tasks to other team members in the course of a show’s production.
  8. Knowledge of digital streaming needs and best practices.
  9. May be privy to confidential information and/or issues using discretion and judgment/

Preferred but not required:

  1. Experience with content creation across a wide range of digital mediums.
  2. Prior experience hosting a show or segment.
  3. Experience with video production and relevant software and platforms.
  4. Familiarity with YouTube best practices.
  5. Familiarity with asset creation.
  6. Familiarity with SEO best practices

About Benzinga:

Benzinga is a premier financial media platform that helps millions of people improve their monthly trading and investing. By providing superior information, data, and tools, Benzinga gives individuals the edge needed to profit in financial markets. Our team is devoted to the ambitious mission of making financial information easier to consume.

Benzinga is growing rapidly and we are seeking mind-blowingly talented and detail-oriented professionals with knowledge of web technology, finance, and writing. The search for the driven, dedicated, and self-starting individuals who will help propel Benzinga into its next stage of growth is on!

Are you looking for a “leave your ego at the door”, teamwork-oriented environment? Do you love the idea of a role where every single day offers new challenges? Then Benzinga is the place to be.