Position: Newsdesk Reporter

Position Type: Full Time

Location: Detroit, MI

High Level:

Help make Benzinga Pro, Benzinga.com the fastest breaking-news platform on Wall Street. Add context and perspective to relevant news items impacting stocks. Help Benzinga become the source for investors and traders to understand why a stock is moving. Leverage our contacts to generate exclusive commentary users/readers can only see on a Benzinga platform.

What you’ll be doing:

  1. Watch newswires for breaking news and publish headlines highlighting those news items.
  2. Track stocks moving dramatically to identify “why is it moving?”
  3. Generate daily listicle headlines. These ideas should highlight potential trading ideas and data-driven catalysts.
  4. Publish Benzinga.com moves and trading idea articles.
  5. Consider news items and trending tickers for possible outreach to corporations, analysts and/or investors.

Stuff you need to get this gig:

  1. Experience with stock trading/investing, economics and writing of headlines, articles and social media.
  2. Need skills to allow fast decision making, quick communication and handling high-intensity moments.
  3. Connections inside the stock market/Wall Street would be helpful.
  4. Deals with confidential information and/or issues using discretion and judgment.